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As Savannah, Ga.'s largest film studio, River Oaks Film Studios offers the opportunity for growth to Georgia's booming film industry by providing 150,000 sq. ft. of space to production companies planning to film in the Chatham County area.  With 29' ft. ceilings, office space, silent air conditioner, 24-hour security, and ample parking, let River Oaks become home to your next production.  Take the tour!


Savannah’s Largest Film Studio Signs Multi-Year Agreement With Equipment Rental Company To Grow Film Industry

SAVANNAH, Ga. (Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016) – River Oaks Film Studios is happy to announce an exclusive three year partnership with MBS Equipment Company to provide production equipment to productions filming in the studio and the Savannah area.  MBS Equipment Company is the first film-related company to sign an agreement to move into the 150,000 sq. ft. studio located off of Gulfstream Road.   The company will officially be in the studio March 1; a month after the first of six sound stages will be completed at River Oaks Film Studios.   

“We are very pleased to announce this new partnership with MBS Equipment Company.  After spending several months evaluating various studios and other support companies throughout the industry, it became clear that our partnership with MBS (which is also a part of MBS Media Campus, an independent film studio based in Manhattan Beach, California) would be the best fit.   We plan to optimize growth through their seasoned team of professionals who have built a reputation for excellence in the film production equipment industry. This will turn River Oaks Film Studios into a fully staffed and equipped facility to support all production operations moving forward and in turn we should see a growth in the industry.  This will also benefit filming locations throughout the coastal region,” explains River Oaks Film Studios Pres. Rodney Dickey

“Having an equipment house open in our area is very exciting for the continuing development of the film industry in the Savannah region.  This addition will allow us to attract more productions to our area as we continue to expand into a fully equipped production hub,” said Beth Nelson, Executive Director of Savannah Area Film Office.